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Imagine the transformational impact of 1,000,000 people in the KC area  engaging with God’s Word. 

This is the dream we are pursuing ​through this movement called the KC Bible Experience. You are invited...

Our city, together


The KC Bible Experience is a multi-year, Kansas City Metro Area Scripture engagement initiative offering structure and facilitation for congregations, other groups, and individuals to experience the life-changing message of God's Word.

In unity and humility


In the spirit of unity and humility that the Lord has established here in Kansas City, there is no headlining organization. It is upon the foundation of our Christian community that this​ initiative might fulfill ​its​ greatest potential, fostering zealous love for ​Jesus​ and leading to disciple-making disciples, missional calling and collaboration.

Innovative tools


We have a variety of Bible engagement tools available in connection with the American Bible Society, and an innovative Bible design from Biblica called The Books of the Bible along with its 8-week reading/listening plan called the Community Bible Experience.

Solid partnerships


In partnership with the American Bible Society and Biblica, the KC Bible Experience is facilitated locally by The Sending Project and Mainstream Bible Outreach Society.

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Stay connected in community

We want to stay connected as the Body of Christ in Kansas City, reading the Scriptures together.


  • Post about your experience on the KC Bible Experience Facebook page.

  • Share with your friends.

  • Invite others in your network to join the movement!   >>>


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